Welcome. We're looking for to an amazing year in 2018. This past year has been one of transition and change and our small, energetic community has experienced God in fresh and exciting ways. With our leaders Lynne and Tom planning ahead into 2018, we have a sense of momentum about what God is doing and know that whatever happens next is going to be worth getting involved in.

If you are looking for a church home, we'd love to connect with you once you arrive in Dunedin (or over the summer if you're a local). We have a habit of shouting coffee and milkshakes, so don't be afraid to reach out (Facebook works good). Once Orientation Week hits, we'll be round and about at a range of things including a one-day stint on the Combined Christian Groups tent. 

Our first Sunday gathering and worship experience for 2018 is from 7pm on Sunday 25th February, at the end of O-Week, at the George Street Normal School hall.

We are hustling to get things going, and would love to hear from you if you wanna be along for the ride. Our new website will be live by early February, and that will give you a more comprehensive overview of who we are and what we'll be up to. 

All the best with your summer break, and preps for the new year.

Grace and peace.