Hi, I'm Lynne. I’m originally from Christchurch, have also lived in Auckland and Adelaide, and am now very happily settled in Dunedin. I studied human geography at undergrad level, and theology to postgrad level. I’ve been involved in planting congregations that sought to be connective for youth and young adults and reckon church should be engaging, interesting, fun, and real; and should equip us to live well and to notice God in our everyday. As well as working for Student Soul, I work as a researcher in the not-for-profit sector, and do a little teaching for Otago Uni. I’m married to Steve and we have two teen/young adult daughters. I love the sunshine, the beach, coffee, reading and being creative.


    Hello, I'm Tom. I'm a fellow student... and some kind of guide for the journey perhaps? After a 3-year stint in Papakura, South Auckland, my family and I landed back in Dunedin in 2016, where I've been getting my essays graded my the hard task-masters of the theology department. I've spent most of my adult life involved in music and working with young people, and I expect that will keep on going. I want to see people awakened to the call of Christ and equipped for the resulting adventure; this is what we'll be aiming to do with Student Soul this year. If you're up for it, we'll look forward to hangin' :)