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we are here.

Student Soul is an expression of church for young adults here in Dunedin. It was started in 2002 as a way of empowering Dunedin students to live faith-filled, passionate and healthy lives.

Our main focus points are to grow in social energy as a community and to grow in personal transformation as people. We see these as two sides of the same coin. Because on the one hand, doing life together is part of what it means to be human; and on the other, each person is unique and individually significant.

Those two points shape the main idea of our gatherings, on Sunday nights at the Salmond chapel, and at other times too. We get together expecting to grow. We expect to be empowered. We expect to be challenged and stretched. We expect to have encounters with joy.

There’s a number of ways through which people can be involved: through a leadership development stream, music teams, creative service activities on campus; or via attendance at our worship gatherings, small groups, social events, or camps. However it happens, our goal is resourcing spirituality among students; helping you to discover your true worth.

If you need us, we’re here for you 😀

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