Expeditions in 2022

Kia ora!

One of the big priorities for us is our hangouts & adventures.

To make this real, we’re making Sunday a hangout day for beach trips, BBQ lunchss, community service projects, and anything else fun, and rare moving our worship gathering to a Thursday night.

Shout out if you’re interested link up!

Ways to serve with us

Also, there are other ways to get connected with our community.

Shared projects & small opportunities to serve with others… these are good ways to link up, and provide ways to make new friends & practical opportunitiy to grow in faith and skills. Also, connecting through service is a great way to experience a sense of meaning and purpose, and it can be a nice diversion from the stresses and strains of study.

So… do you want to put your creativity to work? Are you willing to use your hands, your skills, your connections in curious, collaborative, and inspiring ways? Come and join in. We see creative participation as a way of responding to God and of choosing a pathway of growth and service.


Have a passion for hosting people? Love making a place feel special? Is preparing food your thing?


Keen to get involved behind-the-scenes with our events? You’re a hands-on kinda person? Keen to help setting up seating, tables, staging? Or is audio/visual production your thing? 

Prayer & Worship

Do you have a passion to see others to encounter Jesus in worship? Do you want to help design creative spaces of encounter with God through prayerful collaboration with others?


Does your heart ache for “the least of these”? Is your greatest desire to give yourself for the poor, sick, hurting, broken and rejected people in our city, nation and world?


Are you a musician? Do you love inspiring and encouraging people through songwriting, performance and/or recording? Are you committed to grow at your craft while serving with others? Are you willing to lay down your ideas of success to pursue the Holy Spirit’s lead?


Are you a message-bearer? Do you love to move people through creative and clear communication? Are you a storyteller?A social media mistro? Do you have an energy burning within to connect with a broad audience?

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