Children of Two Worlds… Or is it One World?

In a bustling morning of family life, I had two calls that interestingly intertwined: an invitation to a nationwide prayer Zoom and a discussion on a local music project. One sought divine connection, the other community joy through a Dunedin twist on a classic tune. Both, in essence, were about bridging worlds – the spiritual with the communal, heaven with earth. This post reflects on living an undivided life, where prayer and music harmonise, and every aspect becomes an act of worship and service. Join us in exploring the seamless integration of faith, creativity, and daily life.

Late Night Conversations: Relationships and Life (Part One)

Explore the profound intricacies of relationships in this illuminating blog post. Uncover how life revolves around people and how we can enhance our interpersonal connections. Reflection and personal growth play a critical role in nurturing our relationships – so check it out and join the conversation.

Divergent Imperfection: An Approach to Reaching Your Goals

Embrace “divergent imperfection” as an unconventional approach to reaching your goals. By focusing on the long game, accepting imperfections, prioritizing connections, and maintaining a sense of edginess, you can navigate life’s complexities and discover unique paths to success.

Revival vs. Transformation: Exploring the Paths to Spiritual Growth in the NZ Church

Revival or Transformation? Dive into the nuances of these concepts in the context of the church and discover their implications for fostering spiritual growth and reinvigorating faith.

Psalm 134: A Tiny Psalm with a Mighty Message

Discover the power of praise in Psalm 134, a tiny yet mighty Psalm that teaches us to embrace praise in both good times and struggles. Let it inspire you to choose praise and find strength in God’s presence.

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