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6 thought-provoking snapshots of Jesus

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Kia ora and welcome to “Outside the Box Jesus,” a fresh, 6-part series that’s all about shaking up your faith and sparking new ways of seeing life. If you’re stuck in the endless scroll of social media or feeling like life’s on autopilot, this series is your call to action. We’re diving into the radical, game-changing teachings of Jesus, encouraging you to break free from the mundane and step into a life full of purpose and adventure. Get ready to challenge your perceptions, embrace creativity, and discover how Jesus’ message can flip your world upside down in the best way possible. It’s time to see different, live different, and get amongst it. Whether you’re tuning in from somewhere in Aotearoa NZ or calling from further afield, “Outside the Box Jesus” is your guide to a life that’s more than ordinary. Join us for a journey that promises to transform your faith and your future.

Giving it a thumbs up 👍

  • “Quirkily & wisely calls us to a meaningful adventure, accompanied by Jesus, making our world better.”

    Lynne Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, Otago University
  • “Reminds me of the approach of Paul in Athens who invites some wondering with poetry.”

    Brendon McRae, Minister of Flagstaff Community Church

  • “Tom has chosen to live differently: creative, focussed, and sold out to Jesus. Now the challenge is yours.”

    Ralph Turner, Author

  • “It connects to scripture so well. And it’s just fun and creative.”

    Julie-anne Laird, Consultant and Catalyst for City to City Australia

  • “I think it’s great. Really engaging, great ideas, lots of passion.”

    Paul Trebilco, Professor of New Testament, Otago University
  • “Speaks about following Jesus – forging ahead with a far more creative and even risky approach to life.”

    Grant Norsworthy, Speaker & Musician, More Than a Music Mentor