Spiritual growth

Let’s start with where you’re at

We believe that Jesus is inviting you into deeper freedom, strength, and creative focus in your life.

Are you up for this?

We would love to help activate this promise of fullness of life within you.

Questions: portals of transformation

It all starts with questions.

The only accreditation we are interested in is that you lay up for yourself that which shall not decay nor fade away. (Matthew 6:19-20)

Questions, conversation, and reflections are tools that you can deploy in the midst of the craziness and wild-ride of real life. When wielded correctly, they can help penetrate below the surface and into the deeper waters of the heart.

The purpose of a good question is to awaken a person to a quest. This questing relationship is one way to think about mutual interconnection of individual believers with the corporate body of Christ, the church.

The goal is to explore the places where Holy Spirit life is most ready to spring up within you.


How to begin

These are some things that might match up with your question. They might be places you’re hoping to grow in. Or it might be something else completely.

Whatever it is, to go a little deeper on this one, just tap a button and ask. Make contact & let’s have a messenger chat, email, text, or face-to-face person conversation.

Personal growth in the Jesus-tradition is custom built. To help you name your hopes, here are some quests/themes that are often fertile ground. One of these might prove to be a good site for launch.

Don’t overthink it!

Just do it!

Remember, it’s a money-back guarantee!
(that’s just a joke by the way 😌)


What’s your calling? What unique role do you have to play in the world? Where is the Spirit of God leading you? Where is the collision place of grounded pragmatism and faithful ambition? How can we think about career on one hand and mission on the other?


Who are you? How have you been created, shaped, raised, inspired? What is your personality type? In what ways are you uniquely skilled? What drives you? What are your spiritual gifts? What moves you mightily?

Life Skills

What is a responsible and wise approach to managing money? What about a healthy approach toward food and diet? How important is exercise? How do we put effective and helpful boundaries in place in our lives? 


How can we think about the various levels of intimacy that exist within our relationships? How can we act with wisdom and intentionality in our relationships? What about dating, courtship & marriage? What does an intentional Christian friendship look like? How should we think about community and where we fit within it? 

Finding Wholeness

We all have a backlog of things in our lives that need some measure of healing. How do we clean up the mess? This course is for those who desire spiritual renewal, who are willing to acknowledge and name past and present pain for the sake of receiving healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Knowledge builds us, and the knowledge we are most interested in is the knowledge of God. Pursuing this subject takes us to the deepest questions of existence and is the formational centre of change. What are the links between right belief, right feeling, right action? These are the questions of doctrine, theology, faith, and love.

Being The Change

We live in such a broken and suffering world. What resources do we have for thinking about this? And beyond that how should we act in response to the pain we see. This course is a exploration of how we can proactively resist evil both through engaging in acts of social justice and pursuing a life of creative and subversive prayer. 

Exploring Faith?

You might also be here NOT to go deeper in your spiritual journey, but actually to start it.

Maybe you’re curious about God, interested to learn more about Jesus, wondering whether or not this whole Christianity thing is legit.

We are totally here for you. We are ready and willing to help if and when we can. We will not pressure you, we will not try to force the Bible down your throat.

To put it simply, we have people, resources, and ideas that might be helpful for where you are at.

Don’t be afraid so shout out or drop us a line.

Discover Christianity

Long Story Short is a video-based course which creatively explores the contours of the Bible and Christian faith. Our groups are totally open for anyone curious about God and are a safe place to explore Christianity.

Grab a coffee

Want to find out some more about Student Soul? Do you need some support? Let’s catch up. Coffee’s on us.

Chat Online

Do you have questions about faith, spirituality, Christianity or life itself? Let’s go! Don’t be afraid to reach out. There’s no such thing as a bad question. (And we don’t bite.)

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