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Let’s start with where you’re at

We believe that Jesus is inviting you into deeper freedom, strength, and creative focus in your life.

Are you up for this?

We would love to help activate this promise of fullness of life within you.

Questions: portals of transformation

It all starts with questions.

The only accreditation we are interested in is that you lay up for yourself that which shall not decay nor fade away. (Matthew 6:19-20)

Questions, conversation, and reflections are tools that you can deploy in the midst of the craziness and wild-ride of real life. When wielded correctly, they can help penetrate below the surface and into the deeper waters of the heart. This is a significant part of the life of faith. If you want to go deeper, let us know how we can help.

The purpose of a good question is to awaken a person to a quest. This questing relationship is one way to think about mutual interconnection of individual believers with the corporate body of Christ, the church.

The goal is to explore the places where Holy Spirit life is most ready to spring up within you. This all is a significant part of the life of faith. Want to go deeper or know more? Send a message if you want to meet up for a coffee, check out our Resources page, listen to the podcast, or come along on Sunday night. It’d be an honour to be on a journey with you.

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