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light & life…

We are forming a community of light and life in the heart of student culture.

But what is such a community like?

Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

We are…

We are mobile, like the wind.

We know how to sing. To sing is the birth-right of the free.

We’re a river community, past, present, and future in continuity, but always in motion and never exactly the same.

We are a Pentecost community… tongues of fire freeing the voice, freeing the heart, shaping bold and attractive disciples.

We are a temporary journey community… you might not be with us for long, but the map we give you will shape the whole rest of your life.

We know how to gather big and to gather small. And we’re interested in the mechanisms for transformation, which include dismantling, and re-orientating. Worship begins us.

We’re interested in what it means to belong, we wonder how to scatter well, and we’re praying to God for a vision to unite one million young people around the globe in the cause of Christ.

We wonder what futures might show themselves by embracing a “yeast” (Matt 13:33) mindset of transformation in our patch, and are looking entirely new fields of possibility that look nothing like existing growth models.

We laugh at success because we don’t need it.

This moment is your life
Be present to God
& live deep.

Tom Mepham

Tom Mepham is the full-time minister of Student Soul. He received his Diploma in Ministry from the Knox Centre of Ministry and Leadership in December 2019, prior to which he graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Otago University in 2017. He is a member of the Southern Presbytery, part of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Tom is also a writing and performing musician and you can keep up with his explorations at his website.

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