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Here’s the message, in bullet points

It’s one thing to build momentum, to grow a congregation, to reach people. And we’re into that.

But what’s the vision? What is it that we’re inviting people into?

It’s real simple. Here’s a short introduction to how our vision & values as Student Soul intersect with the gospel and (hopefully) find a runway into people’s actual lives.

Find your place

We’re each called to know and be known by God, and to find our place in the new family of Jesus

Become who you’re called to be

We are being equipped to grow in our faith & become who we’re called to be, by the Holy Spirit

Make a difference

We’re sent out to make a difference in our world, as fully-alive followers of Jesus Christ


Isn’t that just so nice and succinct?

Student Soul: Keeping it real since 2002 😛