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Coming up this Week

Coming up this Sunday Coming up this Sunday Kia ora, thanks for stopping by, it’s cool that you are checking out our next event. This Sunday, our theme is “Im / possible: Jesus and an Impossible Faith.” I’m keen to check it out This is a free event. It’s part of...

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Orientation 2024

Welcome to 2024! We are pumped to get going with the year! It’s be super rad to connect with you! If you are new to Dunedin & looking to connect, we’d love to say a great big haere mai & welcome! We hope you have a fantastic time here studying, making friends and enjoying all that this...

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Church Can Be A Little Bit Like Youth Group

One of the cool things that people seem to like about Student Soul is that, although we are a church, it reminds them a little bit of youth group! So if that’s what you’re looking for when you come to Dunedin for the first time, you know where to come! Quite a lot of people have had...

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Children of Two Worlds… Or is it One World?

In a bustling morning of family life, I had two calls that interestingly intertwined: an invitation to a nationwide prayer Zoom and a discussion on a local music project. One sought divine connection, the other community joy through a Dunedin twist on a classic tune. Both, in essence, were about bridging...

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