Name, Journey, Vision, Calling

In this post, Tom Mepham reflects on his own experience of hitting the limits of personal strength and finding freedom in God through discovering his name, journey, vision, and task. May you too find your identity in God, experience healing and growth on your journey, embrace a big vision of the reign of God, and live out the practical task of prayer and praise.

The Darkness of Easter

In a time of great uncertainty and loss, it’s important to confront the pain and struggle of the world. As we approach the crucifixion of Christ, remember that the darkness is not the end of the story. May you find peace in the midst of the storm.

Finding Your God Language

This post is by student souler Richard Brown. Those who know me well, will know that I’ve struggled with my relationship with the church broadly but I’ve stayed because God has pushed me to keep using my musical gifts. I’ve flittered round from church to church where I have been “called” not really stopping to […]

becoming fully free

Join us at Student Soul as we explore what it means to be fully free in our personal lives and as a community. Discover how the vision of freedom that God invites us into is both similar and different to the world around us.

What does “called, equipped, sent” mean? Part 1

Student Soul’s ethos is summed up in three words: “called, equipped, sent.” To be called is to claim your identity as a human with purpose and direction given by the creator. It’s an invitation to follow Jesus and live into your true identity, choosing a life of meaning and purpose. The general call of God lies upon all humanity, but as you align yourself toward Christ, you may discover a unique and specific call, leading you deeper into God and yourself. Welcome to the journey!

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