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Category: Church life

Church Can Be A Little Bit Like Youth Group

One of the cool things that people seem to like about Student Soul is that, although we are a church, it reminds them a little bit of youth group! So if that’s what you’re looking for when you come to Dunedin for the first time, you know where to come! Quite a lot of people have had...

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light & life…

Discover what it means to be part of a community of light and life, shaping bold and attractive disciples through worship, transformation, and a mindset of embracing new possibilities. Join us on a journey that will shape the whole rest of your life, and learn to be present to God and live deep in...

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What do I see? A Vision

What do you see when you imagine all that the church could be? Imagine it. A ministry of connection, transformation, and empowerment, where leaders are trained in the Spirit and fluent in the gospel. This is the vision of a church that is alive, flourishing, and impactful. Will you pray for it, resource...

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The Reshaping

Looking for a way to move forward in these uncertain times? In this post, you're invited to make a choice to lean into God and dig deeper into faith. Join a collaborative community committed to shaping the future and embrace Christ's call on your life in leadership, creativity, and service. Give this...

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becoming fully free

Join us at Student Soul as we explore what it means to be fully free in our personal lives and as a community. Discover how the vision of freedom that God invites us into is both similar and different to the world around us.

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