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The Reshaping

Hey there. This is a post thinking out-loud about the future, where we’re headed and how God is calling us to BE as we move forward into it.

A good way to begin that forward-leaning process is by starting with where we are now.


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For God’s people around the world, this is the moment that changes everything we’ve known. In this time, we’re being invited to dig deeper into God, to recommit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus, and to sow the seeds for the strong future that God is inviting us into in a post-covid-19 era.

Do you want to be a part of the reshaping?


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God’s inviting you now into a world & way of life that is far bigger than anything you’ve hoped or pursued so far. This is the real deal. You are an adult. You are a missionary. You are called. You are deployed.

There’s no such thing as waiting until you’re 28, waiting until you graduate, waiting until whatever it is to get serious about God. You are alive NOW and you are being called to action NOW.


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So my invitation as pastor of student soul to you as a member (or to you as an outside reader/observer) is to make a choice.

Let’s do this season of covid-19 and beyond together.

Let’s be a people who are shaped by the word of God.

Let’s give God the freedom to refine us, change us, rearrange our disarranged priorities.

I challenge & invite you to lean into God in this season in a way you’ve never done before. If you do decide to do this, know that my entire sense of call is orientated toward empowering you in this and igniting this thing called student soul in faithfulness to the mission of God.


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How do you enact your decision? You join in.

IN – a commitment to the Lord Jesus through prayer, an attentiveness to Scripture, a life-style of worship, seeking to be increasingly open to the fruits of the Spirit in your life

AROUND – a commitment to being a part of an engaged, collaborative community doing life together for the greater good & for the glory of God – a city shining on a hill

OUT – a commitment, in this formative stage of your life, to embracing Christ’s call on your life in leadership, creativity & service.


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Don’t take lightly the significance of what’s happening in the world right now. The moves YOU make during the next couple of years will shape the kind of person you spend the rest of your life becoming. So make them count. Give this time to God.

I hope you know that I am totally batting for you. Let me know how you’re going, if you need help, what questions you have, anything. Tessa is also a member of staff and she’s here to help make this thing roll, so feel free to shout out to her too.

May you know the transforming peace of GOD.

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Tom Mepham

Tom Mepham is the full-time minister of Student Soul. He received his Diploma in Ministry from the Knox Centre of Ministry and Leadership in December 2019, prior to which he graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Otago University in 2017. He is a member of the Southern Presbytery, part of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Tom is also a writing and performing musician and you can keep up with his explorations at his website.

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