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Psalm 134: A Tiny Psalm with a Mighty Message

Hey there!

OK, I’d like to have a look at Psalm 134. We read this last night to begin our devotions with the Student Soul Steering Group. It got me thinking about how powerful praise is. It doesn’t rely on our circumstances to be relevant. You can praise God in the good times, and you can praise God through the foulest of struggles.

I think it’s a really life-changing thing if, even in challenging times, you become a person who chooses to praise. Don’t let circumstances define your heart or vision. Allow God to set the emotional climate for you, and find strength in it.

I myself can truly praise when I know and understand who this God is that I am praising. This is the God of salvation. The God from whom all goodness flows, “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Love before all love.” (Kupu Whakapono)

I like how little this Psalm is, making it easy to read, yet filled with a powerful message!

“Praise the LORD, all you servants of the LORD who minister by night in the house of the LORD” (v.1)

It’s a call to those who minister, at night, in the house of the LORD. I think this speaks to the Levite priests in ancient Israel.

The Levites show us how to worship and serve God. And here, we’re reminded of the core priority: Praise the LORD!

So go ahead, praise with your tongues and words. Let praise flow from your heart. Praise under your breath, hum a tune, or say an old thing in a new way. Praise the LORD!

And there’s more:

“Lift up your hands in the sanctuary…” (v.2)

Praise God with your body. Let praise take shape, like at an Ed Sheeran concert. Wave those hands, lift your arms, stretch your body out. “…and praise the LORD.” (v.2)

That’s it. A simple instruction for you, as a servant of the LORD. Embrace your role in true worship, and let it fuel your passion for God.

And a blessing:

“May the LORD bless you from Zion, he who is the Maker of heaven and earth.” (v.3)

Our God is the maker of heaven and earth. That’s why God is worthy of praise. The LORD bestows blessings upon us because all goodness, creativity, love, and compassion flow from him.

So may God bless you today, my friend.

May the LORD bless you from Zion, the heavenly city, our dream, hope, longing, and true home. Zion, where God dwells, is the destination for our life’s journey.

Let this tiny Psalm be a reminder to praise the LORD, and know the rich blessings of God today. Let it stir your heart and inspire you to embrace a life of devotion and praise.


Tom Mepham

Tom Mepham is the full-time minister of Student Soul. He received his Diploma in Ministry from the Knox Centre of Ministry and Leadership in December 2019, prior to which he graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Otago University in 2017. He is a member of the Southern Presbytery, part of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Tom is also a writing and performing musician and you can keep up with his explorations at his website.

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